CBD For Military & Anxiety

Ryan @ryry.fit, is an Instagram fitness influencer that first came to Kaliber Health in search of a natural alternative to help his Anxiety.  Ryan is in the Military so he needed a THC FREE CBD Oil so naturally, we suggested Ryan try our THC FREE CBD MCT Tinctures to help him on his journey and this is what he had to say:

My name is Ryan and I want to do a testimonial for Kaliber Health.

I've never really taken CBD before but trying out the product there was something about it, like there was this magical experience I swear!  

Take it back a little bit, I have anxiety I've been told I have Anxiety by doctors my doctors and so I try CBD and it's helped me out so much!  like I'm I'm able to think clearly, my business has gone to the next level!

I'm sleeping better, my anxiety is going away!

It's an amazing project guys!  The CBD will Kaliber Health it's the real deal!

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