How CBD Helped Jason Quit Smoking - Cold Turkey!

I recently interviewed one of my mentors, Jason, that helped me build and sell my last business EVENT2.  He is one of my most respected confidants and we both smoked - like chain-smoked, together. 

After trying CBD I stopped smoking and I had to tell him my secret!  After our conversation, Jason tried CBD for himself.  This is Jason's story about how CBD helped him quit smoking, eliminated his anxiety, helped him sleep better, lose 10 lbs and become the happiest & healthiest version of himself! 

Hi My name is Jason.  I tried CBD and it changed my life.
I suffer from chronic anxiety, always have.  I was addicted to smoking and I love smoking and I was addicted to smoking cigarettes,
I was chatting with a friend, Mia (Founder of Kaliber Health)  recommended CBD to me and I tried it and now I am 90 in and completely quit smoking, lost weight and am feeling fantastic with no anxiety!
I remember the first day I tried CBD I was driving home from work. Usually on the drive home from work in rush hour anxiety peaks and I would love to smoke a cigarette to relieve the anxiety which in turn would make it worse, but that day I tried CBD and I drove home completely calm with a smile on my face, with no cigarette.
I woke up the next day feeling more rested then I have ever felt in my life.
Fast Forward to today which is 90 days later and I haven't smoked a cigarette since. I feel the best I have ever felt. No anxiety and I can truly say my life is 100% better as a result!
In total, I think correcting the anxiety and smoking amongst other things really helped!  I lost 10 lbs my hair got thicker and my skin looks better. I just look in the mirror every day and I look different.  It's a neat journey as it progressed!
The sleeps are incredible!  It actually felt like I was asleep for 3 years.  It helps me fall asleep quicker.
I am a high functioning Executive at a media company and there is a lot of stress during the day. I found that with CBD my performance at the workplace.
As a result of everything CBD has helped me with - anxiety reduction & better sleep, the best way I can describe my performance at work is “Crushing it like a monster truck”!
On top of traveling every week for work I also built a software platform in my evenings and weekends which I am doing expos with too.  My energy levels are skyrocketing!
Working out is certainly easier, I think everyone gets what's called the anxious pre-workout build up in their mind and start dreading it, but I don't get that anymore. I just go do it and then when your switching from machine to machine or workout to workout you get that uuggh I don't want to do that, I don't get that anymore!  It's interesting how you really push yourself when you take out the anxiety factor! Working out became enjoyable.
I don't quite understand the connection between smoking and CBD but the best way I can explain it is I woke up the next day and the urge to smoke wasn't there.  Its like I went to bed and CBD reset & recalibrated my brain. After you go through 3 - 4 days I stopped thinking about cigarettes altogether. It's one of those things, I planned on having another cigarette, I didn't plan on quitting, but I just stopped thinking about it.  It's the best way I can explain.
I told myself that yeah I’ll probably have another cigarette, but then 90 days later, it never happened!

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